There can be a wonderful 'food feeling' that comes post the nervousness of trying something new. For some of us we are reluctant to take the risks that comes with searching for the next best thing.

Well last Month in May, we participated in the Notox Box with our Forbidden Green Rice! For those that don't know Notox Box is a monthly curated subscription box of healthy, organic & natural products. All products selected each month for the box is carefully chosen by Sharon and the team at Notox Box so you know you going to get the goods.

We love the surprise this box can provide each month and feel safe knowing we're bound to get a good array of fresh products to try.

Green Rice in notoxbox

So for all the May subscribers of Notox Box, we hope you enjoyed the Forbidden Green Rice and we would love for you to share you rice dishes on twitter or instagram using @forbiddenfoods!


The Forbidden Foods Team

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