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Strolling through the Potts Point Farmers Markets in Sydney on any given Saturday between 8am - 2pm you'll find tents of fresh fruit and vegetables, produce, fish, meats and baked goods. Amongst it all you'll find a cute little lunch stall call "Poke Hawaiian Style Sushi". 

Poké is tasty, super healthy food that captures all the soul, flavour and freshness of the Hawaiian islands. In the Hawaiian language, the word poke (pronounced, poh-keh) translates as “to cut or slice into small pieces”. Modern poke consists of cubed tuna, salmon or other fresh seafood, marinated in delicious, Japanese-inspired condiments. As you can see below.

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These beautiful pieces of seafood is paired with black rice and that is where we come in! Forbidden Foods is proud to supply Poke Sushi with our organic black rice. We are proud of our quality and consistency that we can deliver to Poke so they can continue to deliver the tastiest lunch at the Sydney Potts Point market.

Eco-Living Fair Randwick Poke Sushi

This Sunday the 14th of September, Poke will also be at the Eco-Living Fair at Randwick Community Centre located at 27 Munda Street, Randwick, where they will launch out partnership! So get down to Randwick and fall in love with Poke with black rice! =)


The Forbidden Foods Team.
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