The Age Newspaper released an article online called "Foods we will be eating in 2015" and it names 7 foods that will become apart of our diet repertoire in 2015. In 2013 it was Chia, in 2014 it was Kale and next year is the year of black rice!

"Originally it was white rice only, then we saw a brown rice as a common option and now it is not uncommon to see black rice sushi when you are buying your lunch. Rice that looks purpler in colour than it does black, especially when cooked, black rice can be found across a range of rice types and was traditionally considered a special type of rice based on the proposed health benefits it offered. Black rice contains a little more protein and fibre than brown rice as well as the powerful anthocyanin antioxidants linked to reductions in cancer risk. As is the case with all rice, black rich is still an energy dense food so needs to be consumed in controlled amounts, but a nutrient-rich one nevertheless." - The Age, Life & Lifestyle, 18/12/2014.

 Forbidden Foods Black Rice - Top Food in 2015

The other 6 foods named on list include Kefir, Quark, Kalettes, Freekeh, Buckwheat and Matcha.

It is exciting to see our healthy, organic rice get the recognition it deserves. To read the full article click here and if you want to get your hands on black rice you can do so via shopping online here or finding your nearest Forbidden Foods Black Rice stockist via the store locator.


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