Benjamin and the Forbidden Team

We've never pretended to be legitimate chefs. We only have a love for food which inspires us to push the boundaries of what rice can do on a plate. We find chefs that share our vision and have them prepare a few recipes here or there, that we can share and inspire others at home.

Now, in comes Benjamin Conroy. We met Benjamin when we were trying to find a chef to create our latest recipes. We saw him prepare a few dishes and he was as smooth as silk in the kitchen, no non-sense, clean cut cooking that was like watching a theatre stage show.

His enthusiasm and passion for food shows in his preparation and finishes. You would think his energy would subside after the bench is cleared, but nope, he just keeps going.

Ben instantly got our vision, he extrapolated it even further and that’s where the ‘a-ha’! Moment was. We invited Ben to join the team and without hesitation he jumped on board.

We’re excited to have his experience and where excited to see all the recipes he’ll create using our organic rice range.

We encourage you to learn more about Benjamin Conroy at our Meet Our Chef page and also stay tuned for his newest recipes!


The Forbidden Foods Team

Benjamin Conroy & Dog
Benjamin's very adorable dog named Guinness!


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