A common question we get asked is 'how to prepare black rice correctly' then followed by a request for 'tips or hints for preparing black rice'. It makes sense as black rice is a relatively exotic grain in western cultures and is more often stumbled across at restaurants. Now that we’ve made black rice available far and wide we’re going to teach you how to prepare black rice, so no matter how you plan on using the black rice, whether it be sides, salads or desserts, you’ll be confident you’ll prepare a dish that will WOW your guests.

Black Rice as a Side Dish
Leaving the black rice to its own devices is a simplest way to get the benefits from the grain. Follow the instructions on the back of the pack which can also be found here and make use as you would a side of white or brown rice. Easy i know! Black rice accompanies white or red meat dishes. A team favourite is with Salmon.

Black Rice In Salads
Adding black rice to a salad is neat way to add colour, texture and boost the overall nutritional value. Black rice can substitute other rices, noodles, quinoa and chia seeds in many recipes. Again make sure the rice is cooked as the instructed on pack, rested then stirred through the salad. You can chill the black rice overnight if you have a cold salad that you wish to add it to. Check out our salad recipe here, it’s great for an Aussie summer!

Black Rice In Desserts
Black rice pudding is the most common of black rice dishes. Its nutty and slightly sweet characteristics give strength to its use as a dessert or a cheeky breakfast meal. The easiest way to make a black rice pudding is to following the cooking instructions on the pack then once cooked; combine with cream, sugar and cinnamon. Mix and serve warm. Simple! For something more difficult try the black rice pudding recipe on our recipe page here.

Our biggest tip is to keep trialling preparation methods. We’d love to hear your black rice preparation tips and hints below. In a future post we’ll explore the different ways people create black rice puddings. Post any of your favourite black rice puddings recipes in the comments section below and we will look to incorporate them.


The Forbidden Foods Team

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