Parboiled rice, like the Forbidden Black Rice, has been partially boiled in its husk.

Parboiling rice has three basic steps:

  1. Soaking the grain to soften the husk.
  2. Pressure steaming the rice to drive the nutrients from the husk into the grain. This is so not to lose the vitamins and minerals in the husk.
  3. Drying and milling of the husk.

The benefit of such a process is that it can speed up the lengthy cooking times for you, especially black rice which has traditionally been soaked overnight before being cooked. It firms up the grain and makes it less sticky to help with those scrubbing of dishes after a meal. Finally parboiling also sterilises the rice from any unwanted pests… the grain is just too precious to share! 

Parboiled Black Rice 

At Forbidden Foods our black rice is parboiled and it is something we definitely love about it!


The Forbidden Foods Team

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