Cooking rice is a straightforward process for most of us. If any part of the process was less than smooth it would be the serving or scooping of the rice out of the rice cooker or cooking pot. Reaching for the household spoon or spatula first and enduring the stiff 'downwards - shake - flick' of rice onto the plate inherently has its risks like the forceful rice meteor shower delivery where all your hard work on plate presentation has been undone in one fell swoop. The common unsuspecting 'upwards - shake - flick', which has its user covered in rice or missing the plate, is one of those rock bottom moments in rice cooking.

Now a rice paddle, or are a 'shamoji' as they call it in Japan, can make this process alot smoother, but don't think any rice paddle has what it takes to make you a ninja rice server. Standard bamboo or plastic white rice paddles received in rice cookers can still be a pain but with dipping the paddle into a bowl of water before each scoop make it useful.

Bamboo Rice PaddlePlastic Rice Paddle

But for those who are regularly cooking black rice, then we recommend non-stick rice paddle. Non-stick rice paddles have ridges or bumps all over the paddle to reduce surface tension when scooping sticky rice. They are commonly made out of plastic, as metal is more likely to cut rice grains or to damage the cooker.

Like this!

 Non-Stick Bamboo Rice Paddle On Bench

This is a important tool of our trade! =)


The Forbidden Foods Team

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