There was black rice, then red rice, now we have Forbidden Green Rice!

Forbidden Green Rice - Bamboo Rice

We're excited to add this innovative rice to our range. Forbidden green rice is an organic short grain brown rice infused with bamboo extract. The bamboo extract contributes the health benefits of chlorophyll and silica to the brown rice. Green rice has a lovely subtle green herbal-tea aroma and flavour with a mild nutty texture and a beautiful leafy green colour when cooked. works beautifully in sushi or risottos due to its sticky profile, but works just as well in everyday rice dishes.

Green Rice benefits:
- Organic.
- High In Fibre.
- 96% Fat Free.
- 100% Whole Grain.
- Rich in Chlorophyll.
- Gluten & Wheat Free.
- Non-GMO.
- Vegan

Wanting to get your hands on some? Well you can buy green rice online today or if you are prepared to be patient, we have green rice going out nationally over November and December. Contact your nearest Forbidden Rice Stockist to see when it arrives.

If you are a retailer and wanting to stock our Forbidden Green Rice 500g please call your nearest Forbidden Foods rice distributor.

Over coming months we'll be exploring the beauty of this grain in-depth. So enjoy our newest addition to the family and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below.


The Forbidden Foods Team


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