Forbidden Brekky Range Now Available in Woolworths Health Food Aisle

Forbidden® is proud to launch its second Organic Brekky Rice flavour ‘Black Rice, Honey & Cinnamon Pudding’ with Woolworths nationally! You can find both Brekky Rice flavours in the Woolworths Health Aisle Nationally, just look for the delicious purple & yellow packs.

After years of tasting and sampling we launched our first Brekky rice ‘Black Rice & Coconut Pudding’ into the market late 2017. With extremely positive feedback from our customer on the taste, smell, ease of cooking and using organic premium ingredients we knew we had something special!

As it is a single serve breakfast product we also received feedback that you wanted variation in flavour for your mornings, easier access to purchase and ability to purchase more than one unit at a time. It has been a busy time at Forbidden Foods working on addressing this feedback and we think we’ve done well to address this.

The new Brekky rice flavour ‘Black Rice, Honey & Cinnamon Pudding’ is a real winner and just over 6g of sugar per pack! You now have access to our Brekky rice range in Woolworths Health Food Aisle, all good independent health food store, gourmet grocers and deli's.

Finally, our range is available to purchase in our website as single unit or Brekky boxes of 10 units. We hope you enjoy our Brekky rice range and please leave us a review after you have tried it!


The Forbidden Foods Team

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