Welcoming the Flakes to the Forbidden Family!

Here at Forbidden e have been working hard to launch our newest product into the Forbidden Breakfast range. Our Brown Rice Flakes are now available online, and can be found in the health food aisle at Woolworths and independent health food stores, alongside our Brekky Rice Pouches!

Our certified Organic Brown Rice Flakes have been made by steaming brown rice kernels in their husk to capture the nutrients and nutty flavours of brown rice. The kernels are then rolled to remove the husk for a more pleasant mouthfeel, before flattening them into a flake and dried out to enhance the crunch and reduce cooking time.

The flakes themselves have a delicious subtle nutty taste to them that is heightened when milk is added. The addition of a sweetener such as honey or coconut nectar creates an indulgent caramelisation aroma and flavour.


They are the perfect gluten free substitute for oats in baked muesli bars, can be blitzed into flour to bake or to add into granola, just like our Forbidden Chef Laura Neville (The Wandering Chef) created in our latest online recipe! The granola serves as the perfect crunchy start to your day served with coconut yoghurt and seasonal fruits, or as a healthy snack to beat the mid-afternoon munchies.

Our Organic Brown Rice Flakes are naturally gluten free and the only ones on the Australian market that are currently endorsed by Coeliac Australia & New Zealand. This endorsement is to ensure the provision of a safe staple for those suffering from coeliac disease or intolerant to gluten. 

 Not only are these flakes naturally gluten free to make for easy digestion, they are high in protein, with each serve contributing to 14% of the recommended daily intake! This makes for the perfect ingredient to start your day to make you feel fuller for longer and energised to get on with your day!

Why not try make our delicious Brown Rice Flake Toasted Granola? It is a fail-proof recipe that is enjoyed by everyone in the family! The video below shows how simple it is to make.

For frequently asked questions on the product follow the link here.

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