Ch*cken Koftas
Served with a fresh salad and hummus we bet you've never had a kofta that tastes this good! Check out the plant-based ch*cken kofta recipe now.
Mexican B*ef Tacos
A whole lotta flavour and it's all plant-based! This Vegan Taco recipe is fun to make, check out the recipe now.
A burger that dreams are made of. And homemade pickles? What is not to love! Check out this fun to make b*rger recipe now.
Thai-Style P*rk Meatballs
We are sure you've never quite had p*rk meatballs like this! Inspired by the tastes of Thailand, we have created this fresh and flavoursome meatball dish that you'll be running down to the shops and getting all the ingredients for asap. Check out the recipe now.
🌱 Vegan 👩‍🌾 All Natural 🙅‍♀️ Gluten Free ✨ Soy Free ☀️