Red Rice Vegan Patties by Forbidden Foods

These red rice patties are great when entertaining because they are so quick, easy and healthy. Also a great way to use up any excess cooked rice you've got from another dish!

Serves: 2-4 | Hands-On Time: 30m | Total Time: 30m


- 1 ½ cups Forbidden Foods Red Rice
- ½ a butternut pumpkin
- 1 sweet potato
- 2 medium sized carrots
- Garnish: Salt & pepper to taste

Preparation method

  1. Cook Forbidden Red Rice as instructed on package, cool and set aside.
  2. Chop pumpkin, carrots and sweet potato into cubes, leaving skin on. Place in a large pot of water. Add salt to taste. Bring to the boil and cook until pumpkin, potato and carrots are soft.
  3. Drain water, set aside and let cool.
  4. In a large mixing bowl place Forbidden Red Rice, sweet potato, pumpkin and carrots. Using hands; mix together, until all ingredients are combined evenly.
  5. Add salt to taste and combine lightly again.
  6. Make small patties approx 10 cm in diameter.
  7. Place a drizzle of olive oil in a hot pan. Cook patties until golden brown on both sides.

Red Rice Vegan Patties - Yum!

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