Chipotle Corn and Lime by Benjamin Conroy

"This corn recipe is great when you’re having friends over as a very easy starter. It can also be used as a side to this great burrito recipe. If serving as a side to mexican, the corn cobs can be cut in half to serve 4 people!" - Benjamin Conroy, Forbidden Foods Chef

Serves: 2-4 | Prep Time: 10m | Cook Time: 20m


- 1/3 cup cooked Green Rice
- 1/3 Cup cooked Red Rice
- 1/3 Cup Cooked Black Rice
- 2 Cobs of Corn
- 200ml Free range mayonnaise
- 1 Tbsp Chipotle chilli in adobo*
- 1 Tsp Smoked Paprika
- 80g Parmesan Cheese finely grated
- 5 Tbsp Olive Oil + extra for drizzling
- Juice and Zest of 3 Limes
- 1/3 Bunch Coriander leaves washed
- Salt
- Pepper

* This will be hot but feel free to adjust according to your tastebuds. Chipotle can be found in a range of gourmet grocers.

Preparation method:

  1. Remove the husks from the corn and rub with 2 tbsp of olive oil and season well.
  2. Grill the corn on a BBQ hotplate or griddle pan over high heat to char the corn and get some nice colour.
  3. While the corn is cooking, mix the mayonnaise with the roughly chopped chipotle chilli and some of the adobo sauce until well combined. Season to taste and set aside.
  4. Take the corn from the BBQ and set aside until cool enough to handle. This should be just enough time to make the rice salad.
  5. For the rice salad, place the trio of Forbidden Rice into a bowl and dress with coriander, olive oil, lime zest and juice. Taste and adjust seasoning with salt, pepper and a touch of sugar if necessary, place into serving bowl.
  6. By now the corn should be cool enough to handle, start by rolling the corn through the chipotle mayonnaise. You want a really thorough coating on the whole outside. (I find a wide dish works best)
  7. Next roll the corn through the very finely grated/shaved parmesan, again ensuring the whole exterior is covered.
  8. Finish by placing the corn gently onto the prepared rice salad and sprinkling the top of the corn with the smoked paprika for some extra flavour. Serve immediately.
  9. Ensure to have plenty napkins on hand as there is way of eating this delicious dish without getting your hands dirty.

Mixed Rice Corn Cob Mexican Recipe by Benjamin Conroy
Credit: Chef - Benjamin Conroy, Photography - Bianca Milani.
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