Orange & Pistachio Brown Rice Pudding

Orange and Pistachio Brown Rice Pudding Recipe

Tyler Preston, executive chef at Dr Morse in Melbourne has provided his culinary skills to develop this orange & pistachio brown rice pudding using Forbidden Foods organic brown rice. Enjoy!!!

Serves: 2 | Prep Time: 10 mins | Cook Time: 20-40 mins


- 2 cups of Forbidden Organic Brown Rice
- 2 cups brown rice
- 2 ltr coconut cream
- 4 cardamom pods
- 2 oranges
- 2 cinnamon sticks
- 2 teaspoon 5 spice
- 100g palm sugar
- Strawberries
- Blue berries
- 100g toasted pistachios

Preparation method:

  1. Cook brown rice as per the instructions on the packet and then a little bit longer, approx. 5 mins, as we would like the rice to be slightly softer that usual so it is more suitable for a delicious pudding.
  2. Heat 1 litre of coconut cream w the zest of 1 orange, the cardamom , 2 cinnamon sticks & 100g palm sugar, bring up to heat the add your strained brown rice.
  3. Simply cook this out slowly for 20-25 mins adding more coconut cream if you need to keep the rice nice and soupy.
  4. After 20 mins have a little taste and season to your liking, this means more sugar, a pinch of salt & more coconut cream depending on how runny you like it.
  5. This is not a stiff pudding, it should be slightly runny & really fun to eat, not much chewing required.
  6. When you are satisfied plate up and sprinkle w a little five spice, some berries, the remaining flesh from the oranges & the toasted pistachios (or your preferred nuts) for texture.
Orange and Pistachio Brown Rice Pudding Recipe by Tyler

Orange and Pistachio Forbidden Brown Rice Pudding Recipe

Credit: Chef - Tyler Preston, Photography - Bianca Milani, Styling - Meg Milton.

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