FAQ - Brown Rice Flakes

Gluten Free Brown Rice Flakes

This outlines the questions that have been commonly asked by our customers in regards to Forbidden Foods Organic Brown Rice Flakes. The questions are in relation to the preparation and cooking of our Rice Flakes and the certifications they hold. The answers to these questions may help the knowledge of cooking the Rice Flakes to improve experiences with them.

  • When I cook my rice flakes, they become slightly gluey. Why is this?
    • If they become thick and clumpy, it may be due to a lack of liquid. We suggest adding more liquid when heating over a low heat. Try ½ cup rice flakes with ½ cup liquid of choice over a low heat, ensuring to keep stirring.
  • When I cook my rice flakes, they become liquid-y and no texture is apparent. Why is this?
    • There may be too much liquid when you are cooking. If this is the case, reduce the liquid by ¼ cup and try again.
    • The heat of the stove top may be too high, which causes the liquid to boil quicker and does not allow enough time for the Rice Flakes to absorb the liquid. We suggest cooking over a low heat.
  • Why do you suggest cooking over a low heat?
    • We suggest cooking over a low heat on the stove top to slow the boiling of the liquid and allow the rice flakes to absorb more liquid to get a thick and creamy texture.
  • I’m short on time in the morning, am I able to cook my Rice Flakes in the microwave?
    • Yes! Use the same ratio of Rice Flakes to liquid and place in microwave for 90 secs. Keep checking on them every 20-30 seconds to stir. Add more liquid if necessary if they become dry.
  • I like preparing my breakfast the night before. Would Brown Rice Flakes be able to be soaked overnight?
    • They definitely can be!  For overnight flakes, put 1 cup flakes 1½  cup liquid and stir (and any other flavouring additives of your choice) in an airtight container and place in your fridge overnight. When you’re ready to eat them, stir them up and add any extra liquid or toppings until desired texture!
  • Can I use these Brown Rice Flakes in granola?
    • Yes they can be. Replace the oats in the granola recipe with equal amounts of Brown Rice Flakes. We suggest to decrease the cooking time and oven temperature. Due to the flakes being rolled out and thinner than oats, they don’t need to be toasted/baked for as long as oats do.
  • I’ve noticed these Rice Flakes look different from ones I have used previously, why is this?
    • Our Rice Flakes look flatter than other flakes on the market. Our Flakes have been rolled out to a thinner thickness meaning they are more absorbent and finer texture. Each rice variety differs only slightly in their characteristics meaning each brand of rice flakes is unique.
  • I have Coeliac Disease, are you Brown Rice Flakes Safe for me?
    • Yes! Our Brown Rice Flakes are certified gluten free and are endorsed by Coeliac Australia and New Zealand, making them safe for Coeliac’s to eat!
  • How are these rice flakes manufactured?
    • Our Brown Rice Flakes have been made from Organic Brown Rice. The manufacturing process includes steaming, rolling to desired thickness and then cooled.
  • What is the country of origin of the Brown Rice?
    • The Brown Rice used for our Brown Rice Flakes is imported from Taiwan.
  • Are Forbidden Foods Brown Rice Flakes Organic?
    • Yes! Forbidden Foods is Certified Organic under NASAA, and our Brown Rice Flakes are included under this certification.

If you may have any further questions or queries, please contact Forbidden Foods directly via email (info@forbiddenfoods.com.au).